The Real Me, 心情涂鸦

Psychologist Not Always Right

You see, I don’t believe people can understand another person by just follow theories from text book because everyone are independant individual. Yes you may group up certain behaviour in certain category. But no one is exactly same even twins and no one can truely understand another person including the woman that carried you in her womb for 10 month plus gave birth to you thru her vagina.

Don’t get me wrong. I love psychology myself. I enjoyed CSI, The Mentalist, all type of detective movies, books. It’s fascinating.

My concern is, you shouldn’t analysis or judge a person before you actually know them, don’t mention that you haven’t speak to them at all.

You do not know a single thing about me, my past, my path, how accurate you think you can be? Have you been to what I went thru? Do you ever live at shelter? Are you grew up in domestic violence family like me?

Well I didn’t doubt your profession at all but you know what? I don’t give a damm too. Because I do not need stanger to analys my thoughs and tell me what to do.

I see things with my eyes. I feel things with my heart. I may not always right when come to decisions. But I have no regrets because at least I give it a go. And 30 years later when I look back, I will smile and say “I glad I did that” but not “I wish I did that”.

I do admit I’m more to “impulsive” person if compare to others; and that is what bring me this far. (I rather to called it as “passions”.)

Dare to dream is always my motto. (Otherwise I wouldn’t reduce 22kg weight within 6 months! This was at age 17/18, back in 1997.) So, what is this related to psychology?

Let me tell you why it is related.

A. I’m stubborn, strong mindset & independent.
B. I know what I want & I’m after things that can or possible to make myself happier.

Seriously it is so funny how women and men react toward same situation. I found that men are easier to communicate because they have a straigh forward thinking while women can be very NEGATIVE & OVERTHINKING. I personally think it’s very much link to our natural instintc – jealousy. I not say every women are behave same way but majority.

You know why most celebrities (eg. Britney, Rihanna) failed their relationship or marriage. When everyone try to comment and give opinion to your relationship, it put your relationship under spotlight. Yes it enlarge everything. The smart one keep their head down (eg. Hugh Jackman, David Beckham).

It’s never a good ideas to share your relationship issue with too many peoples. I don’t do that myself as I said, I do not need others to tell me what is best for me & I really care about privacy.

It really make me feel uncomfortable when I knew that there are a bunch of stranger try to analys me but hey, you guess what? I don’t live to please those who dislike me. And you do not tell me you dislike what I did because it’s none of your business. You’re disqualified from hear my story coz I promised I will only tell my story to Oprah.


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